Show recap from 11/11

Had a great interview with UCI head basketball coach, Russell Turner - we talked about the team, the big games this season, and who our rivals are! 

Also had an on-air conversation with Reza Zomorrodian, candidate for ASUCI at-large representative, about the sins of our student government and what can be done to fix them. 

Lastly, did an on-air giveaway of a UCI banner signed by the *entire UCI basketball team + Coach Russell*. Congratulations to Lauren and Marie! 


Show recap from 11/4

Phenomenal 30-minute interview with UCI Director of Transportation and Distribution Services (or, colloquially, Director of Parking), Ron Fleming. 

Listen to the podcast to hear him talk about Parking and Transportation’s green initiatives, where money from permits/citations goes, and why prices are so high. To my surprise, Director Fleming was extremely frank and transparent about everything I asked him, so if you’ve ever hated parking and wanted some straight answers, this is your chance. 

Listen to the full show podcast:

I am also giving away **2 free Disneyland Park-hopper tickets** (courtesy of UCI Items) to one of the people to LIKE my show Facebook page ( before midnight on Sunday (11/6/11). Write “Can Ron Fleming swim” on the wall to increase your chances (listen to the podcast for the inside joke)! 

Disneyland tickets give-away!!

CountdownUCI is giving away **2 Disneyland Park-hopper tickets** (Courtesy of UCI Items) to UCI students. To win, like the show Facebook page:

Also, post “Can Ron Fleming swim” on the wall to increase your chances <- an inside joke from today’s interview with Ron Fleming, UCI Director of Parking. Podcast will be uploaded soon. 

The KUCI fund drive has started! Consider donating to support college radio. In an age of asinine political pundits and sound-alike music stations, we need KUCI more than ever. 

Will you be discussing the ridiculous bans on skate devices and bikes on Ring Road with Mr. Fleming this Friday?


Absolutely. But please go ahead and write the question in the comments section of my latest Facebook post so I have them all in one place:


Show recap from 10/28

Show recap from past Friday (first-ever video recorded interview!):


Did you hear the Langston Library caught on fire?? Well, it’s only technically true. On Thursday (Oct. 27th), some brush on the library perimeter caught fire, created a lot of smoke - which scared students - and caused the library to get shut down for the rest of the day…

The major news of the week was ASUCI Legislative Council’s Resolution R47-10: “Against Criminalization of Peaceful Protest” - authored by Lisa Lei, and seconded by Andrea Gaspar (who has recently been asked to resign from the Legislative Council due to her high degree of involvement in another branch of government - the Executive Vice President’s office). 

I was at Council meeting when this was being considered. Interestingly enough, this is possibly the first time ever that I’ve seen a somewhat contentious legislation be introduced and passed in the same day (sans committee revisions). A big reason for this was the very strong turnout of Muslim students voicing their support for this legislation. The result was a clean 15-0-0 vote. See the first page of this week’s NewU for more commentary - and a long citation from Countdown UCI’s cohost Jack pan!! Here’s the link:


The guest on the show was UCI Dean of Continuing Education and head of UCI Extension, Gary Matkin. Extension is turning 50 years old, and now annually enrolls about 35 thousand students each year (yes, more than the UCI full-time student population). Read about UCI Extension here:

Also see my video-recorded interview with Dean Matkin (with more video interviews to come in the future!):


First ever video-recorded interview! This is a trial run for future interviews, like the one with Ron Fleming next week (Nov. 4th) - and yes, video quality will be better then. 

Future guests

An update on some of the amazing future guests who are going to be on Countdown UCI in the coming weeks:

This Friday - Oct. 28th: Gary Matkin, Dean of Continuing Education (and head of UCI Extension)

Friday - Nov. 4th: Ron Fleming, Director of Transportation and Distribution Services

Friday - Nov. 18th: Paul Henisey, Chief of UCI Police


Week 1 of Winter Quarter - January 13th: Thomas Parham, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs!!

Tune in to hear these giants of the UC Irvine administration talk about themselves, their departments, and the direction in which they’re planning to lead this campus. 

Show recap from 10/21

Amazing show this week. 60 minutes total and 2 phenomenal guests. Make sure to listen to the podcast (available below)! Here’s what was on the show:

Felipe Hernandez joined me in the studio. Felipe is an Associate Justice on the ASUCI Judicial Board, founder of several non-profits including MENTE (Mentor’s Empowering and Nurturing Through Education) and Global Law Brigades, and a part-time guitarist. 

MENTE is an organization that pairs college students with around 60 first-generation high schoolers and helps them fill out their college applications and develop a solid plan for getting into an institution of higher education. It’s extremely successful and recently spread to UCLA, where there is now a chapter. Global Law Brigades takes potential future lawyers to 3rd world countries in order to help the indigenous people there form contracts and other legal documents. 

Felipe is also an amazing guitarist, and plays 3 pieces (2 of which are written and composed by him) on the show. 

This episode also features an interview with Dr. Francisco J. Ayala, recipient of the 2001 National Medal of Science, winner of the 2010 Templeton Prize, and most recently the donor of 10 million dollars to the University. The interview was prerecorded at his office in Steinhaus Hall on the campus of UC Irvine on Wednesday, October 19th.

**I also gave away a signed copy of Dr. Ayala’s newest book: “Am I A Monkey” to the first person to call-in, so congratulations goes to Estelle Vincent, a UCI student majoring in Biological Science. Hope you enjoy the book!!**

Read about Dr. Ayala here:


Show recap from 10/14

Hi Listeners. Here’s what was on the show this past Friday, October 14th:

First of all, BEEP (see prev. post) seems to have heard last week’s show, and decided to act accordingly by putting an EVEN LARGER ad on the 4th page of the NewU this week, promulgating the forbiddance of skateboarding on campus. This week I noticed the background, which is the word “Prohibited” in different languages. Kind of reminds me of the Student Center Global Viewpoint Lounge (also see prev. post), which has a wall of the word “Peace” written in different languages. Both seem to have the opposite effect on me… In other news, did you know that walking and talking on Ring Road are also now forbidden? 

We also talked about Shocktoberfest, which is an annual UC Irvine celebration/concert attracting over 5 thousand people each year. It’s the largest NCAA basketball kickoff event in SoCal, and this year’s *free* student tickets sold out in under an hour. Jun Wang, ASUCI Vice President of Student Services, the man who is personally responsible for making this all happen, phoned in on the show to talk to us about it! Find out more about Shocktoberfest here:

Also take a look at the Shocktoberfest 2011 video to get a feel for what the action was like. 

Lastly, the guest this week was UCI History Professor and outspoken public intellectual Mark LeVine, who spoke about his recent article in the campus newspaper, titled: “This Is How a Great University Dies.” 

#1 Recorded show in Irvine, CA.

Countdown UCI is now the #1 recorded show in Irvine, CA! Help keep it that way by scheduling a recording on DAR.FM. This will also make sure you will never miss the broadcast again: 

Show recap from 10/7

Hi Listeners. Great show this week. Here’s what we talked about:

B.E.E.P. - UCI’s “Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program” took out a half-page ad in the New University this week, promoting their no-skateboarding initiative. As a partnership with UCIPD, this program is aiming at preventing students from skating on campus (i.e. preventing students from using basic green transportation methods). Adding insult to injury is this insightful map, detailing exactly which parts of campus (all of them) are off-limits. Take a look:

We also talked about the gaudy and wasteful changes to the Student Center that were unveiled this past week. The new “Global Viewpoint Lounge” seems like the administration’s pathetic attempt at asking: “Can’t we all just get along?? No more controversy please! We just don’t have the PR budget for it…!” But really, do try it out sometime and see just how helpful it is to have huge flatscreens broadcasting foreign news and decorations that look like they would be more appropriate at an elementary school around-the-world play line the walls to add to your studying. THANK YOU STUDENT CENTER. ANOTHER WIN. Read the NewU Article here:

We also talked about the new $4.00/unit (max: $60.00/quarter) fee increase, which is scheduled to go into effect Winter Quarter 2011 to cover IT upgrades. This is a fee that everyone has to pay, and it is NOT covered by financial aid. So students, DIG DEEP into those pockets, because you’re about to be $180.00 a year poorer. 

A representative from OIT (Office of Information Technology) as well as Meredith Michaels (Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget) came in to talk to the ASUCI Legislative Council this week, to convince them to be happy about parting with their money, and try to show just how democratic they were being in trying to get student input. Things went awry for them, however, when it was discovered that all the decisions had been made without a single student being consulted. They were just there putting on a show, covering their asses. 

On this topic of fee increases, I would like to encourage everyone to read an article by UCI History Professor Mark LeVine in this week’s NewU. It’s called “This Is How a Great University Dies,” and I think any UCI student should take it as a catalyst to change the status quo. It’s beautifully written, and hopefully I can get Mark LeVine to come on the show next week and talk to me in-person. You can find the article here:

Lastly, Sonya Cooke, a UCI MFA student in the Arts School was on the show this week, talking about her recent play, a modern adaptation of Antigone. It was put on as an outdoor play last week and received good reviews. Read more about it here:

And check out the UCI Art’s calendar. It’s an amazing way to pass an evening: